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Law firms

Carpinvest Group is the ideal solution to get the information you need to successfully start and finish a case.

Why should you contact Carpinvest Group as extra probative aid for your cases?

The release of a detective agency license and commercial information is regulated by TULPS and is subject to prefectural authority. A detective can be compared to a public official thanks to the specific rules of issuing and role that he plays.
The information collected by a licensed detective agency that is described in a report is to be considered public fiduciary. This information becomes extremely valuable when it’s able to reverse the burden of proof in case of report submissions, complaints i.e. the use of said information in court. At the documental level, the reversal of burden of proof benefits photographs as corollary of the activity even though they are not necessarily needed.

Carpinvest Group: the proof that you were looking for.

Reversal of burden of proof


Our personnel are always willing to testify in civil or criminal hearings. Moreover Carpinvest Group’s proven experience during the hearing phase determined the conviction of the accused in more than 88% of the proceedings in which this agency participated in 2014 (147 winning cases out of 170 in criminal proceedings, 46 winning cases in out of 52 in civil proceedings).

Family law  in Italy
  • Prenuptial investigations
  • Breach of conjugal duties
  • Marital infidelity
  • Postnuptial investigations
  • Verifications of minors and the elderly
Agenzia investigativa - Diritto di famiglia
Labour law in Italy
  • Absenteeism
  • Employee infidelity
  • Pre-employment screening
Agenzia investigativa - Controlli sul personale
Intellectual property in Italy
  • Customs intervention
  • Market Surveys and seizures
  • Industrial property
  • Customs awareness
  • Live and musical events
  • Mystery shopping
Agenzia investigativa - Indagini di proprietà intellettuale
Criminal investigations in Italy
  • Fraud, stalking and harassment
  • Electronic, telephonic and computer debugging
  • Trace missing people

Agenzia investigativa - Indagini penali
Commercial law in Italy
  • Unfair competition
  • Agent infidelity
  • Parallel distribution
  • Licensee reliability
  • Customer solvency and creditors
Agenzia investigativa - Diritto commerciale